Worse of two evils

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Worse of two evils


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Short and sharp for today's post -

How come we are 'crucifying' and charging a school-dropout and a rebel teenager who published his 'I hate LKY' video online with no threats of death and with the public braying for his blood (Amos Yee)


Attempting to understand and even showing sympathy to a scholar sponsored by taxpayers to study in Stanford University (mind you, it's Stanford!) with a predestined career to be a future CEO of a government-linked agency (Ouyang Xiangyu) but had tried to poison her schoolmates.

One no matter how many hate videos published can't make the dead come back to life; the other if poisoned successfully will make a live person dead.

One was not condonable, the other forgiveable.

One with pitchfolk mob and shouts of 'crucify him', the other 'let's understand what happened and the situation she was in'.

Hmm... Singapore, have we gone cuckoo? http://kaffein-nated.blogspot.sg/2015/0 ... evils.html
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